Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Landslide Gully, Mount Webster

Ducked out of the office for a fabulous morning on Mount Webster with the one and only Sarah Garlick on Thursday.
I put one of these images up on my Facebook page and it went wild with comments - there must be something about chicks on ice...

Polartec test fabric hoody fleece
Mountain Hardwear Barisian jacket
Mountain Hardwear Scrambler Pack
La Sportiva Women's Nepal Top
Petzl Vasak crampon
Sterling Marathon 8.8 Rope


Sarah said...

What a fun, cruiser day! Let's go have another one, Nut!

Love the photos, especially up high with the iced-up trees.

Scott said...

I wish I could duck out of work early to go ice climbing.

*looks outside*

Nope, still in Texas.